Blunt adjustments: New rules proposed for NM medical cannabis program

05/12/14 - By Peter St. Cyr, Santa Fe Reporter

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Proposed new regulations on New Mexico’s medical cannabis program include steep fee increases for both patients and producers, but insiders say they don’t adequately address a supply shortage.

Late Friday afternoon, administrators recommended a 50 percent cut in the number of plants licensed patients can grow at home from four plants to two plants. If the proposals are adopted, patients will also have to ante up $50 for annual patient registry identification card renewals, maintain ongoing relationships with their primary doctors and in some cases, pay for repetitive medical tests.

Patients who still want to grow two mature plants will pay an additional $30 application fee.

But it’s the state’s 23 nonprofit producers who face the sharpest cost increases. In February, producers were notified that they would be allowed to grow more plants in an effort to reduce chronic shortages of the medication, but should expect “reasonable fee increases.”