Type: Hybrid (100mg)
THC 100mg

Ingredients: Butter, cannabis bud trimmings

Price per 2 oz container: $12.00

To use cannabutter, simply replace the quantity of butter called for in cookies, cakes, brownies, etc., with cannabutter. By doing so, you'll create enjoyable edibles that also have medicinal properties.

Because edibles in general take longer to produce an effect in patients than smoking, and it is harder to regulate the amount of THC you are ingesting, we recommend that patients experiment with the amount of edibles they ingest and give it plenty of time to create an effect before ingesting more.

Our cannabutter is made from top quality cannabis and unlike others who use leaves and stems to create cannabutter, we use bud trimmings only (1oz of trim to 1lb of butter). Bud trimmings are high in trichomes and THC so we are confident you'll like the medicating qualities of this product.

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